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Garment Bagging Services

Garment Bagging - Value Added Services

product assembly bagging services in NJ

Do you need garments hung and bagged or folded and bagged before they are shipped to stores?

Our competitive value added services for bagging will allow you to accomplish any of these functions before your orders are distributed.

Tasks include range from folding garments prior to bagging, bagging a garment while on a hanger, quality control inspections, and much more!

Bagging Services Include but are not limited to:


Bagging, Folded Garment (Flip or Tape): Place folded garment into a polybag. Flip or Tape bottom as required.

Bagging while on Hanger: Bag a garment while it is on a hanger.

Remove Poly Bag/ Work around Polybag: Remove garment from polybag. Complete task working through/around opening of polybag.

Check Assortment Breakdown: Verify that each assortment is packed as indicated.

Repack New Assortment (pick and pack): Change the existing Assortment to a new assortment as designated.

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