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Home Textiles Warehousing & Logistics

Integrated Logistics Services for the Home Textiles Industry in New Jersey


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Glenway Distribution has ten years of experience in the home textile industry. Our clients in the textile industry have used our services for quality control, assembly, cross docking, e-commerce fulfillment and inventory management.


Testimonials from the Home Textile Industry:

Bed in a Bag Quality Assurance

"Glenway Distribution's quality control services saved us time and money by inspecting bed-in-a-bag shipments for potential stitching issues. They re-packed our bed-in-a-bags and delivered to east coast retail stores just in time!" ~ from a New Jersey company who purchased bedding from China.


Cross Docking Towels

"Due to manufacturing delays our towel shipments arrived late. We relied on Glenway Distribution's cross docking to get our home textiles into our distribution channel as fast as possible. They did not let us down. All products arrived to the designated stores without our clients knowing of any potential delays. " ~ from a New York shipment of towels .





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